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Introduction to Quantive Results Apps

Quantive Results enables developers to create custom integrations and enhance the way users interact with the platform. Depending on your use case you can develop a Data App and enable users to connect and syncronize data from a 3rd party system of record in their Quantive Results account. This data can then be used to build business insights, and update dynamically OKRs and KPIs. You can also create a UI App and show customized user interface or content from an external system within Quantive Results. This ways you enable users to interact with your custom UI or the external system from the Quantive Results, and modify their Quantive Results account content based on this interaction. For example, they can link objects from the external system to their OKRs, create tasks users, teams.

Developing an App

This section of our Developer documentation provides the necessary information to help you build your Quantive Results App. Follow the Build Your First Data App or Build Your First UI App tutorials for a guided tour around what it takes to build an app and how the underlying mechanisms work. Read the YAML Objects or UI Apps SDK Methods references to understand what mechanisms are available to help you in building a powerful Quantive Results integration. Finally, benefit from the App Boilerplate generation tool to get a quick start implementation template for your UI or Data App.

The App Journey

Once you've developed your app you submit it to the Quantive Results Marketplace. This way you can test it in your Quantive Results account, and provide the additional meta informatiom about your app submission. Once you are ready you submit your app for review by the Quantive Results Marketplace team. When your app gets approved, it becomes available for customers to install it in their Quantive Results account and benefit from the value you brought to the Quantive Results ecosystem. For more information about submitting your app to the Quantive Results Marketplace see Build and publish an app. You can leverage the Quantive Results Technical Support team to assist you with any questions or problems you encounter when developing your app or submitting it to the Marketplace.